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Decorating Tips to Warm Up Your Home This Winter

As the days grow shorter, you may not associate this time of the year with decorating, but a few changes can make your home feel much cosier at this time of year. Even with thick walls, insulation and powerful central heating, the interior décor of your home can still leave you feeling chilly in the cold winter weather. The good news is, we can provide some great decorating tips for adding some warmth to your home without you needing to turn up the thermostat.

Warm up any room with colour

It’s completely possible to warm up a room even by using neutral colours. Whilst some whites and greys can have the effect of making a room seem cold, neutral colours can also have warm undertones. For example, unless you pick a true white colour, most other neutral colours will have undertones of green, blue, yellow or red.

Needless to say, warm neutral colours contain undertones of red and yellow colours, including brown and tan shades. These colours advance towards the eye, creating the impression of warmth. By decorating a room following the 80/20 rule of 80% neutral colour and 20% strong, warm colour, you can subtly warm up any room without it being too in your face.

Rugs for extra cosiness

If you have hardwood, laminate or tiled floors, not only can they feel cold on your feet, but they can also look cold and bare. Adding a rug, particularly one with warm coloured patterns, not only provides an extra layer of insulation, but creates an atmosphere of comfort and cosiness.

Swap blinds for curtains

Whilst blinds are a popular alternative to curtains in some rooms, we would highly recommend adding some curtains to your rooms, even if you have blinds fitted. Wool curtains provide fantastic insulation and provide a cool, rustic aesthetic. It’s also worth looking for curtains with thermal lining, for an extra layer of insulation against slightly draughty windows.

Decorate your sofas and chairs with cushions, blankets and throws

Keep comfort in mind when decorating for winter. Why not cover your sofas and chairs with throws in warming colours, along with a collection of cushions? For extra cosiness, keep a blanket handy for snuggling under on cold days and nights.

If you have an interior decorating project in mind for the winter, why not call in the professionals? Call our friendly team today on 01252 377714 and we will be happy to talk through your ideas with you.



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How to Improve Your Workplace With Interior Decoration

There are often items in the news about the design and layout of the workplace and how this contributes to wellbeing and productivity.  The latest we have come across was a study carried out in the US, which said that open plan offices help keep employees fitter and feeling less stressed.  This got us thinking that the interior decoration of your workplace really does go beyond adhering to your corporate colour scheme and making a good impression on visitors – the way you plan, design and decorate your workplace can make all the difference to how productive, motivated and happy your staff are.

As the manager or owner of a business, it is ultimately up to you to decide on the colours, decoration and design elements that will make up the workspace, but you need to understand that your choices can impact on your employees’ perceptions.  Imagine, for example, how you would feel working in a dingy, dull and drab workplace with dirty carpets, plain walls and no space for socialising or inspiration?  Sometimes you have to put yourself in your employees’ shoes and think about what would make your working day easier, more motivating and enjoyable. Obviously, you will have a budget to stick to but that’s where the services of an experienced painting and decorating company like Marshels come in, because we can do as little or as much as you need us to.

So how can Marshels help?

If you are looking to improve your workplace, perhaps choosing an open plan design to give your employees more chance to move around and communicate with each other, then we’ve got a range of interior decoration and refurbishment services that can help:

Painting and Decorating

A lick of paint is the first thing that springs to mind when many businesses look to improve their workplace interiors. Generally, it is a cost-effective way of brightening up your working environment and with practically any colour available, is also a great way to reinforce your branding and corporate identity.

Painting your walls, adding wallpaper to feature walls and brightening up woodwork with gloss paint can help make the most of the natural and artificial light in your rooms and make your workplace a brighter, cheerier place to spend the working day.

TOP TIP – Choose brighter coloured paints and wallcoverings in areas where you want to inspire creativity and more muted tones when you want to give people the chance to focus and concentrate in a calming environment.

Specialist decorating for specific sectors

It is also worth remembering that experienced decorators, such as the team here at Marshels, can also provide specialist painting and decorating services to make the most of your interiors and to make the working day a little easier. These include:

  • Fire retardant paint – to help reduce the risk of fire and keep your employees safe
  • Anti bacterial paint – to help stop the spread of germs in healthcare environments and keep employees and patients safe and healthy
  • Hard wearing paint and coatings – to withstand bumps and knocks in busy environments such as schools and universities, thus keeping the interiors looking fresher for longer.

Window and door refurbishment

If you’re going to redesign your workplace, then just painting or papering the walls won’t have the desired impact.  You’ll also need to tidy up and repaint the woodwork and refurbish the windows and doors.  Remember that everyone has to enter and exit the building via a doorway, so first impressions really do matter when it comes to the state of your doors.  If you can set the precedent by having clean, tidy, easy to use and secure doors, then it will help staff to feel positive about their working day from the very moment they arrive.

Kitchens and Bathrooms

Providing excellent facilities in the workplace is one way to support staff retention and employee wellbeing.  If you’re planning a refurbishment then upgrading your bathroom and kitchen facilities is probably going to be the investment your employees are most impressed with.  A well provisioned workplace may help staff to feel more at home and thus happier and relaxed through their working day, whilst at the same time reassuring them that they have everything they need around them.

Carpeting and Flooring

No workplace refurbishment is complete without replacing the flooring.  If you’ve had to move walls to create an open space or reposition kitchens or bathroom areas, then new flooring will be essential to cover up the changes and encourage the flow of traffic in the right direction.

The right carpet doesn’t just enhance the appearance of your interiors but can also reduce noise.  This is important as poorly managed acoustics can increase the heart rate and leave you feeling more stressed.

TOP TIP – Any commercial flooring needs to be up to the task of withstanding heavy footfall, so be sure to take this into account when choosing your flooring material and colours.

Where do I go from here?

We’ve all seen the pictures of the coolest offices in the world, and we know that whilst you can take inspiration from some of the trendiest (and richest) brands out there, you don’t really need a slide in your office or a climbing wall in your breakout zones to give your employees a fantastic environment in which to work.  You just need to ask people what they want, listen to their ideas and ultimately, find a decorating company that can make it all happen.

Call Marshels today on 01252 377714 and let’s talk about how we can transform your workplace interiors.

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How to Decorate on a Budget

Decorating can be a costly exercise, but it doesn’t have to be that way. There are things you can do to create a wow factor and keep spends to a minimum, it just takes careful planning and preparation.

At Marshels, we’ve put together our top tips to help you keep your decorating costs down, while giving you a home to be proud of.

  1. Plan

Proper planning is essential for any home improvement project and it becomes even more important when you’re working to a strict budget. Doing some legwork before you start your project can go a long way, so be sure to write down all associated costs. This includes things like decorator’s caulk, painting equipment, paint, wallpaper and paste, not to mention tools like brushes and wallpaper pasting tables.

Working from some inspiration can also help keep you on the right track, so be sure to save any photos or magazine articles that you like.

  1. Accentuate with colour

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You don’t always have to go down the route of expensive wallpaper to create a wow factor. Using paint colours to accentuate a room’s features can be the perfect way of creating a statement for a fraction of the price. Whether you use a lighter and darker shade from the same palette, or go for two completely contrasting colours, you’d be surprised at what can be achieved from paint alone.

  1. Use recycled paint

If you’re not fussy about what kind of colours you have in your home, there are recycled paint centres that remix leftover paints and sell cans at a small cost. While this option gives you less choice, it can be worth investigating if you’re looking to save your pennies.

  1. Call in the professionals

DIY is all well and good, but it can cost you more in the long run. Not only do you have to purchase expensive decorator’s tools like step ladders, rollers and brushes, you run the risk of making mistakes that are costly to fix.

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There’s a lot that goes into a good quality decorating job, from filling and sanding cracks to smoothing out walls and applying paint so that it doesn’t leave marks. A professional usually achieves a much finer finish, making the likelihood of having to redo bits very unlikely – saving you time and money.

  1. Ask your decorator to buy your paints and materials

A professional decorator can get high quality decorating equipment, paints and wallpapers at a fraction of the cost that you see in DIY shops. That’s why it’s always a prudent idea to discuss your plans with the expert you have engaged to do the work. Not only does this ensure they get the right kind of tools for the job, it also saves you a fair chunk of money.


At Marshels, we use our decorating know how every day of the week to help people achieve their dream home. If you’re looking for a reputable, dependable decorator, why not contact us?

Why Your Business Needs a Local Painter and Decorator This Year

Whatever kind of commercial premises your business operates from, there is always a chance that you’ll have to call on the services of an expert local painter and decorator.

Here we list some of most common reasons that business clients require the services offered by Marshels each year, and why your company might need us too!

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A fresh look

When a business rebrands or chooses to take a new approach, redecorating commercial premises can play a key part in freshening things up. We are often called to offer painting and refurbishment services for businesses that are looking to add some new vibrancy to the workplace to represent their brand refresh.

Customer experience

Providing a fresh, bright and comfortable environment for customers and other visitors to your premises will always leave a great impression of your business and encourage return visits. Changes as simple as re-painting walls and ceilings really can make a big difference to customer experience.

Staff benefits

A recent survey suggests that staff are more likely to complain about shoddy workplace facilities such as staff rooms and toilets than about issues relating to pay, so making sure employee facilities are in good condition and look great will keep them happy and working hard.

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Damage repair

If the worst happens and your business premises suffer damage from unexpected occurrences such as fire or flood, a quality painting and decorating service can help to repair damaged walls and ceilings and keep your commercial premises looking as good as new.


Regrettably, we are often called upon to remove graffiti and other vandalism at commercial premises. Because graffiti can be particularly unsightly and have a negative effect on business, our team offers a quick and effective removal and anti-graffiti service.

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Making a change in 2018?

At Marshels we offer a comprehensive decorating and renovation service for commercial properties, specialising in interior and exterior works in Surrey, Kent, London and the surrounding areas.

So if you are planning commercial decorative work on your property in 2018, please call our friendly team on 01252 377714 to discuss your project and find out how we can help.


Why the Arrival of Winter Shouldn’t Stop You Decorating Your House

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With winter approaching, it’s tempting to crack out the slippers and dressing gown and snuggle down for days and nights by the fire. But even though you might feel yourself slowing down for the winter, the season shouldn’t be a barrier to you decorating your house.

Decorating your home’s interior in winter can have many benefits, while brightening up your environment and making you feel more cosy. Here’s why we think that you should consider a home makeover this winter:

  1. You can’t focus on the outside

Summer is the perfect time to focus on any exterior decorating your home needs. When the season has gone and that’s not an option anymore, turning your attention to your home’s interior seems like a natural progression.

  1. Make your home cosy

During the cooler, darker months, there’s a lot to be said for injecting a new, vibrant colour palette into your home. It’s easy to counteract the cold colours of the outside world and to make your home feel cosy. Opt for colours like fiery reds, warm ambers, rustic reds and perfect peaches, while filling each room with sumptuous woollen throws and plump cushions.

  1. Worried about paint drying?

Our answer to that – don’t be! Choosing paint with a low volatile organic compound content (VOC) can reduce those nasty paint fume smells, while dehumidifiers and heaters can encourage the paint to dry. If you’re unsure of the VOC content of certain paints, always check with a qualified decorator.

  1. Make the most of the crisp, bright days

Very cold days are almost always crisp, bright and sun-filled, so ensure you make the most of it! The natural light can provide a fantastic backdrop for painting the inside of your home, even if the days are shorter.

  1. Find someone to do the job for you

If the thought of getting out of a nice warm bed and painting your interior walls fills you with terror, calling in a professional decorating company can be an easy, stress-free solution. Not only should they complete the work within half the time, there are often special winter discounts to be had. Furthermore, a professional decorator can often find materials like paint far cheaper than the average person, and can advise on colour schemes to suit your house and taste.

If you want to make your home cosier this winter, or don’t have the energy to do the decorating yourself, our team of highly skilled decorators are on standby to help. For a no obligation quote, please call: 01252 3777714. We’re based in Hampshire, but work far and wide.


Why Hire Someone to Paint the Outside of Your House?

If you’re doing up your house, you’re sure to have planned how you want the inside to look. From colour schemes and paint types, to textiles and furniture. But have you thought about how you want the outside to look too?

At Marshels, we believe that you should be proud of the outside of your house – whether you want to spruce it up to put on the market, or it’s just the right time for a makeover, painting the exterior walls can give your home the lift it needs.

Here, we look at the top three reasons why you should leave your exterior painting to the professionals.

  1. A professional finish

Although you might think you’re a dab hand with a paintbrush, hiring in an expert will ensure that you achieve a completely seamless and professional finish. A qualified decorator will have all the tools to give the best finish, and will ensure that any imperfections are smoothed out – however small.

  1. Saves time

Most of us only have the evenings and weekends free – and who wants to be stuck up a ladder painting on their days off? Getting in a reliable and trustworthy decorating company can get the work done quickly, freeing up your time and energy to spend on the things that matter.

  1. Access to cheaper materials

Professional decorators will often have access to cheaper materials like paint and fillers. When you do it yourself, you’ll probably only be able to access what your local DIY store has, which is often much more expensive and not necessarily as good as the materials available to those in the trade.

  1. You won’t have to buy expensive kit

Painting the outside of a house isn’t a piece of cake. It requires long, expensive ladders and other specialist kit that isn’t always available to those not in the industry. Getting someone in to do the work means you don’t have to invest in decorating equipment that you’re only going to use occasionally.

  1. It’s safer

Every year hundreds of people are killed or injured by falling off ladders and scaffolding. ‘Having a go’ at painting the outside of your home might seem like a good idea, but it’s a dangerous activity that is much safer when undertaken by those with experience.

At Marshels, our team of over 30 experienced painters work to the highest standard and are all CRB checked, giving you peace of mind. We can give you a free estimate, and manage any related trades such as carpentry, replacement windows, brickwork, pointing and render repairs.

To give the outside of your house the wow factor with a fresh coat of paint, call our expert team today on 01252 377714, or email us here.

Commercial Interior Decorating – More Than Just Your Standard Paint

When home decorating, choosing paint often comes down to picking a colour that suits your tastes and then choosing matte or gloss paint, depending on the surface that you are painting. For commercial interior painting, in a lot of cases, there is a lot more than just your standard paint to choose from. It’s important to select the right colour and style of paint to suit the intended look and purpose of a room, but as commercial properties are likely to see a lot more people than a home and rooms are used very differently, there are many different types of paint to consider.

Fire retardant paint

In any commercial environment, when designing a building, it’s extremely important to consider how it will behave in the event of a fire. It must be considered how strong elements of the structure of the building will be should there be a fire and also, how long can a fire be held back for safety reasons, before the fire services can arrive.

Fire retardant paints are designed to stop the spread of fire over the painted surface and are tested against British safety standards BS476-7:1997. When fire retardant paint gets hot, it releases a gas that helps to dampen flames. In commercial and public areas such as hotels and shops, flame retardant paint can help to make sure all safety laws and legislation are complied with.

Fire retardant paint can be applied to walls, floors and ceilings.

Anti-bacterial paint

For hospitals, nursing homes, day care centres, residential housing and other healthcare facilities, keeping the environment as clean as possible is extremely important to help prevent the spread of germs. That being said, it’s important to have a hygienic environment at any workplace or commercial building.

Anti-bacterial paint is specifically manufactured to prevent the spread of germs by killing harmful bacteria. It can be applied to a range of interior surfaces, including hard and non-porous ceilings, walls, doors and skirting boards and trim. When combined with regular and thorough cleaning practices, anti-bacterial paint can play an important part in killing germs and preventing the spread of illness.

Hard wearing coatings for Schools, Colleges and Universities

Hard wearing wall coatings provide a number of benefits for Schools, Colleges and Universities. Not only do they last for a long time, meaning that walls and surfaces don’t need to be painted on a regular basis due to damage, but are also easy to clean and chemical resistant. Hard wearing coatings are impact resistant, which makes them ideal for busy environments where furniture may be moved around a lot, potentially damaging walls.

To learn more about specialist interior paint solutions for commercial environments, you can call us now on 01252 377714.