Commercial Exteriors: Why the Outside of Your Premises Is Important

All entrepreneurs, especially those with small businesses, understand the importance of self-promotion and to exceed expectations during first impressions to establish a positive brand image.

commercial exteriors

A huge factor in setting an excellent first impression is appearance. You want to set the wow factor before a client has even stepped inside your premises, which can be completed by taking pride in the exterior of your building.

Maintaining Standards

The exterior of your business premises says a lot about your brand. The level of care shown on the maintenance of your building can reflect the level of care you provide with your service. It can also be the difference in influencing a client’s decision on whether to enter the building or not to buy from you.

When it comes to maintenance, your commercial exteriors should be prioritised just as much as the inside. You wouldn’t allow dirty walls and cracked tiles in your office because of the health risks and it simply being an eyesore. Therefore, don’t make the mistake of abandoning the outside, just because others may not notice it doesn’t mean it isn’t there.

Working Environment

As well as your clients, you want the exterior of your building to attract your employees. Make them feel proud and motivated when walking into work at the start of the day, rather than dreading another Monday morning.

By providing an appealing, safe and comfortable environment for your team, you can encourage them to be proud of working for your company and to show that while they represent you.

Health and Safety

As a business owner, it is your responsibility to maintain the building, to keep it a healthy and safe environment for employees to operate day and night. Keeping check of the condition of your premises on a routine basis can help you tackle problems before they get worse.

Hire a dedicated team who care about your business as much as you do to assist with maintenance. A professional team who are flexible and can promise quality results every time.

Refurbishment and Decorating

As a building stays standing, it begins to show its age. The condition may deteriorate, paintwork may chip, frames may snap and bricks may begin to crumble. Therefore, it is important to employ regular routine check-ups and maintenance repairs to keep your premise standing tall.

With a motivated team working to our strict code of conduct, our external refurbishment service for business premises covers the following:

  • Render and pointing repairs
  • Fencing
  • Window repairs or replacement
  • Glazing
  • Re-puttying
  • Fascias, soffits and bargeboard replacement in either wood or UPVC
  • Driveways
  • Chimney and roof repairs

We also provide services in exterior decoration, to not only keep your building standing, but to help it keep its appeal too. This covers glazing, carpentry, splice repairs brick work pointing and rainwater goods refurbishment.

For more information on our work to keep your commercial exteriors in excellent condition, contact a member of the Marshels team today on 01252 377714.