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Decorating Tips to Warm Up Your Home This Winter

As the days grow shorter, you may not associate this time of the year with decorating, but a few changes can make your home feel much cosier at this time of year. Even with thick walls, insulation and powerful central heating, the interior décor of your home can still leave you feeling chilly in the cold winter weather. The good news is, we can provide some great decorating tips for adding some warmth to your home without you needing to turn up the thermostat.

Warm up any room with colour

It’s completely possible to warm up a room even by using neutral colours. Whilst some whites and greys can have the effect of making a room seem cold, neutral colours can also have warm undertones. For example, unless you pick a true white colour, most other neutral colours will have undertones of green, blue, yellow or red.

Needless to say, warm neutral colours contain undertones of red and yellow colours, including brown and tan shades. These colours advance towards the eye, creating the impression of warmth. By decorating a room following the 80/20 rule of 80% neutral colour and 20% strong, warm colour, you can subtly warm up any room without it being too in your face.

Rugs for extra cosiness

If you have hardwood, laminate or tiled floors, not only can they feel cold on your feet, but they can also look cold and bare. Adding a rug, particularly one with warm coloured patterns, not only provides an extra layer of insulation, but creates an atmosphere of comfort and cosiness.

Swap blinds for curtains

Whilst blinds are a popular alternative to curtains in some rooms, we would highly recommend adding some curtains to your rooms, even if you have blinds fitted. Wool curtains provide fantastic insulation and provide a cool, rustic aesthetic. It’s also worth looking for curtains with thermal lining, for an extra layer of insulation against slightly draughty windows.

Decorate your sofas and chairs with cushions, blankets and throws

Keep comfort in mind when decorating for winter. Why not cover your sofas and chairs with throws in warming colours, along with a collection of cushions? For extra cosiness, keep a blanket handy for snuggling under on cold days and nights.

If you have an interior decorating project in mind for the winter, why not call in the professionals? Call our friendly team today on 01252 377714 and we will be happy to talk through your ideas with you.