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How to Improve Your Workplace With Interior Decoration

There are often items in the news about the design and layout of the workplace and how this contributes to wellbeing and productivity.  The latest we have come across was a study carried out in the US, which said that open plan offices help keep employees fitter and feeling less stressed.  This got us thinking that the interior decoration of your workplace really does go beyond adhering to your corporate colour scheme and making a good impression on visitors – the way you plan, design and decorate your workplace can make all the difference to how productive, motivated and happy your staff are.

As the manager or owner of a business, it is ultimately up to you to decide on the colours, decoration and design elements that will make up the workspace, but you need to understand that your choices can impact on your employees’ perceptions.  Imagine, for example, how you would feel working in a dingy, dull and drab workplace with dirty carpets, plain walls and no space for socialising or inspiration?  Sometimes you have to put yourself in your employees’ shoes and think about what would make your working day easier, more motivating and enjoyable. Obviously, you will have a budget to stick to but that’s where the services of an experienced painting and decorating company like Marshels come in, because we can do as little or as much as you need us to.

So how can Marshels help?

If you are looking to improve your workplace, perhaps choosing an open plan design to give your employees more chance to move around and communicate with each other, then we’ve got a range of interior decoration and refurbishment services that can help:

Painting and Decorating

A lick of paint is the first thing that springs to mind when many businesses look to improve their workplace interiors. Generally, it is a cost-effective way of brightening up your working environment and with practically any colour available, is also a great way to reinforce your branding and corporate identity.

Painting your walls, adding wallpaper to feature walls and brightening up woodwork with gloss paint can help make the most of the natural and artificial light in your rooms and make your workplace a brighter, cheerier place to spend the working day.

TOP TIP – Choose brighter coloured paints and wallcoverings in areas where you want to inspire creativity and more muted tones when you want to give people the chance to focus and concentrate in a calming environment.

Specialist decorating for specific sectors

It is also worth remembering that experienced decorators, such as the team here at Marshels, can also provide specialist painting and decorating services to make the most of your interiors and to make the working day a little easier. These include:

  • Fire retardant paint – to help reduce the risk of fire and keep your employees safe
  • Anti bacterial paint – to help stop the spread of germs in healthcare environments and keep employees and patients safe and healthy
  • Hard wearing paint and coatings – to withstand bumps and knocks in busy environments such as schools and universities, thus keeping the interiors looking fresher for longer.

Window and door refurbishment

If you’re going to redesign your workplace, then just painting or papering the walls won’t have the desired impact.  You’ll also need to tidy up and repaint the woodwork and refurbish the windows and doors.  Remember that everyone has to enter and exit the building via a doorway, so first impressions really do matter when it comes to the state of your doors.  If you can set the precedent by having clean, tidy, easy to use and secure doors, then it will help staff to feel positive about their working day from the very moment they arrive.

Kitchens and Bathrooms

Providing excellent facilities in the workplace is one way to support staff retention and employee wellbeing.  If you’re planning a refurbishment then upgrading your bathroom and kitchen facilities is probably going to be the investment your employees are most impressed with.  A well provisioned workplace may help staff to feel more at home and thus happier and relaxed through their working day, whilst at the same time reassuring them that they have everything they need around them.

Carpeting and Flooring

No workplace refurbishment is complete without replacing the flooring.  If you’ve had to move walls to create an open space or reposition kitchens or bathroom areas, then new flooring will be essential to cover up the changes and encourage the flow of traffic in the right direction.

The right carpet doesn’t just enhance the appearance of your interiors but can also reduce noise.  This is important as poorly managed acoustics can increase the heart rate and leave you feeling more stressed.

TOP TIP – Any commercial flooring needs to be up to the task of withstanding heavy footfall, so be sure to take this into account when choosing your flooring material and colours.

Where do I go from here?

We’ve all seen the pictures of the coolest offices in the world, and we know that whilst you can take inspiration from some of the trendiest (and richest) brands out there, you don’t really need a slide in your office or a climbing wall in your breakout zones to give your employees a fantastic environment in which to work.  You just need to ask people what they want, listen to their ideas and ultimately, find a decorating company that can make it all happen.

Call Marshels today on 01252 377714 and let’s talk about how we can transform your workplace interiors.