Interior Design Trends to Expect In 2019

Say goodbye to shades of grey and high shine finishes, as you welcome 2019 with deep jewel tones and metallic brass. Start the new year by stripping back your décor and restarting with bolder, raw designs. Experiment with new colour palettes, beginning with the colour of the year, while creating balance with more minimalistic furnishings.

Give your home a modern refresh with our predictions for the top interior design trends for next year:

Colour of the Year

interior design trends
Image credit: PPG Paints

The colour of the year is sure to be an interior design trend to look out for.

Crowned colour of the year by PPG’s global colour experts, Night Watch Green is expected to trend throughout 2019. The deep, dark (almost jade) green shade symbolises natural environments to recreate the calming bliss we feel when reminded of nature.

Being a dark shade also allows it to pull empty, open spaces together and make a room feel more filled. This makes it the perfect canvas for you to be creative with the prints and colours you match with it.

Brass Detailing

Brass taps and handles are already proving quite popular as we make our way into the new year. After years of stainless steel and chrome being the centre of bathroom and kitchen décor, it is time for a refresh.

The vintage appeal of brass taps comes with taking a break from perfect finishes and high shine metals. Brass accessories provide a warmer aesthetic for an outmoded twist on contemporary, high class bathroom interiors.

Darker Kitchen Cabinets

Over the last few months of 2018, the online searches for black and navy blue kitchens have soared. Opting for much darker colours for kitchen cabinets with matt and powdery finishes has grown significantly in popularity.

Although deeper colours may seem overwhelming at first, it can be a stunning feature when paired with neutral colours in minimalistic rooms.

Rich Jewel Tones

2019 will be all about creating drama with rich, dark tones placed in front of a smooth white backdrop. Bold indigo, night watch green and dark teal are all becoming appropriate colour choices for any room in your home.

One of the most creative ways rich jewel tones are being incorporated into our interiors are through statement ceilings. Many more people are opting for more exciting colours and prints for their ceilings, including dark tones. This allows high ceilings to appear lower and for empty spaces to be pulled together, creating a great dynamic when paired with neutral colour walls and bold furnishings.


Terrazzo surfaces and decorative extras are forecast to be a big hit in 2019. Terrazzo is a composite material built from chips of marble, granite, glass and quartz. This assortment of chips creates a playful design to effortlessly incorporate an array of colours into your design. Find it in both surfaces and prints – break the mould with this simplistic design.

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