How to Make a Room Look More Open

For rooms that struggle to squeeze much in, the worst thing you can do is overcrowd it. When creating an open space, think strategically about your colour palette and furniture choices, remembering that less can always be more.


Below are our 10 tips to creating a more open space in your home:

  1. Light Colours for your floors, walls and ceiling

Lighter colours reflect the sunlight, causing a room to appear more open and airy.

  1. Discrete Storage

Furniture, such as beds and footstools, that double up as ottomans are a great purchase. Not only will it reduce the amount of furniture you will need to buy, but it will also help reduce clutter.

  1. Higher Ceilings

To open a space, you want to make the room appear taller. This can be achieved by positioning shelves closer to the ceiling and investing in floor-to-ceiling bookcases to help heighten the room.

  1. Organised Shelves

Don’t overcrowd your shelves too much with piles of books and trinkets. If you can, limit how much you store on them and space it all out.

  1. Fewer Accessories

When looking for accessories and furniture, less is more. Find larger pieces and don’t buy as much, filling the space without it being too busy.

  1. Striped Matts

Following the length of the room, striped carpets placed in the centre of the floor are great for making a space appear longer.

  1. Small Prints or Solid Colours

If a print looks cluttered, it will make your room look cluttered. Go for fine prints and solid colours to avoid decorative chaos.

living room

  1. Furniture with Exposed Legs

Lifting furniture off the floor, even just a few inches can provide more space.

  1. Large Mirrors

Find a focal point and strategically angle a large mirror towards it so it can reflect the light and create depth.

  1. Blank Windows

Let in the light by ditching the curtains and leave your window blank.


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