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Painting and Decorating to sell your home: How to do it right

The modern housing market can be unpredictable and extremely competitive, so what can UK homeowners do to make their properties more attractive to potential buyers? Here we look at just a few of the ways that a professional painting and decorating service can improve the internal appeal of a property, helping to sell your home and even add to the market value of the property.

Freshen Up

Home buyers are often attracted to properties that are bright, fresh and appear to need as little initial decorative work as possible. Painting and wall-papering offers a great opportunity to present a home at its very best, helping a property to appear cleaner, brighter and more liveable for would-be buyers.

Keep it neutral

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When viewing a property it is important for a potential buyer to be able to visualise how a home would appear with their own decoration, furniture and styles in place. To allow this it is advisable that a very neutral colour scheme is implemented, providing a blank canvas for viewers to enjoy.

Maintain high standards

Potential home buyers will look at the quality of decoration in a home as an indication of how much work they will need to perform themselves. Hiring a professional painting and decorating firm will help to offer the kind of high-class finish that will be very attractive to potential buyers.

Improve fixtures and fittings

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From skirting boards and frames to door and window installations, it’s important to make sure that all fixtures and fittings are in good condition and look well looked after. This gives a potential buyer peace of mind that the property has been well maintained by the current owners and is in good nick.

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