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Top Tips for Exterior Decoration

The outside of your property is the first thing that welcomes you as you pull onto your driveway and the first thing that people will notice when visiting or passing your home.  It makes sense then, that if it looks tired and worn, or you just don’t feel excited to arrive at your front door each night, that its time to launch an exterior decoration project.  If you want the experts to plan and execute the decorating to the very highest standards, you can call the Marshels team on 01252 377714 for a quote and more info.

If, however, you are DIY minded and brave enough to go it alone, here are a few top exterior decoration tips from our team to get you started.


It’s our number one tip because it is so important.  If you are decorating the exterior of your property, chances are you will be working at height, so you need to make sure you do so safely.  This may mean hiring scaffolding or a cherry picker, both of which are far safer than using ladders.  If you do have to resort to ladders for lower level work, make sure that someone holds the ladder and that it is placed at an angle that is no more than quarter of its total height.  If you’re not good with heights or are at all worried about decorating safely, we’d recommend using the professionals.


It can sometimes feel like a bit of a chore, but before you can get started on the exciting elements of changing the exterior paint colours, you need to prepare your property.  This means cleaning out the gutters and fixing any leaks, so they don’t overflow or drip dirty water and debris onto your freshly painted surfaces.  You should also remove any loose paint or surface dirt from your walls, repair any holes using a suitable exterior filler and use a masonry primer to seal any porous or powdery areas.


decorating, painting

We should probably have listed this point first, because it should be the first thing you do, long before you get geared up to carry out the job – choosing your paint. There are many kinds of exterior paint available, so have a think about what you want to achieve from your finished look before stocking up.  For example, smooth paint is easy to apply and gives a nice even finish but textured paint can cover up imperfections.  Remember that when using colours, they will look different in different lights, from different angles and at different times of day.  A great tip is to try out some tester pots first.


Again, before you start work, you’ll need to ensure you’ve got the right tools. This might include paintbrushes of various sizes and types to cover larger areas of wall surface down to the fiddly bits of woodwork around window frames. You may find rollers easier for larger areas of wall and a top tip is to paint any windows that need to be opened as early as you can, so they have as long as possible to dry before you have to shut them.

If, having read this list you feel ready for the job, we wish you all the best with your exterior decorating project! If, however, you are concerned about getting the best quality finish or don’t think you will complete the project quickly enough, please do speak to our team today as we offer a comprehensive range of exterior decoration services.  Call us on 01252 377714 to find out more or discuss your project in more detail.