Top Tips for Planning your Feature Wall

A feature wall is a popular interior design technique where a wall within a room is decorated differently than the others with the aim of making it a focal point.

There are many effective ways to make a feature wall work, from simply applying a different shade of colour from the other walls in the room to choosing a completely different design in terms of tone and material.

When designed correctly a feature wall can make a big difference to the look and feel of a room, so here we offer a few key tips on what to consider when planning feature walls in your home:


Create a centrepiece

The surface chosen to be your feature wall should be an existing focal point of the room and have key features that help it to stand out. These walls are typically identified as the places where the main purpose of the room exists; the stove in a kitchen, the television in the lounge and so on.

Try to think where your eyes are drawn when you enter a room, perhaps a chimney breast or prominent window, these are the walls that make excellent feature pieces.


Complement the room

It’s important that a feature wall is prominent within a room, but not too harshly distinguished from the rest of your decoration that it becomes overpowering. Try to find the correct balance by being sympathetic to the surrounding colour schemes and by choosing shades and styles that will complement rather than conflict.


Be aware of space

Feature walls are better suited to large spaces, so it’s important to consider whether or not an area will be suited to having one. In a room that is quite small a feature wall can seem overbearing and unnecessary, but in a room such as a study that is very cluttered and busy a feature wall can lose prominence.


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