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With 35+ years of experience, Marshels is a well-established family business offering high-quality, professional office painting, decorating, and refurbishment services to the commercial sector. We cater to our interior and exterior refurbishment services for a diverse range of spaces, from expansive shared offices and co-working spaces to more intimate private workspaces.
Whether you require a complete office overhaul or targeted improvements, our skilled commercial decorators bring attention to detail and a wealth of industry knowledge to every project.

Our Commercial Services

Providing high-quality interior and exterior building refurbishments to offices spaces since 1986.

Our Interior Services

  • Internal walls and ceilings
  • Floor & carpet maintenance and refurbishment
  • Special finishes, such as large surface spray painting and stencilling
  • Internal repairs and office redecoration including communal areas. E.g. office kitchen and breakout areas
  • Woodwork and joinery expertise

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Our Exterior Services

  • Walls, sidings, and roof (including DOFF Cleaning)
  • Window and door refurbishment and redecoration
  • Existing paint and signage removal solutions
  • Special finishes, such as weather-resistant coatings and graffiti-proof coatings

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Why choose Marshels?

  • Free no-obligation quote
  • Full project management at each stage of the renovation process
  • Health and safety trained staff on site at all times
  • Large and small projects undertaken
  • Competitively priced
  • Fully insured and experienced commercial office painting contractors with their own tools and equipment
  • Experienced completing small workplaces and larger shared office spaces
  • Available across London and the South East
  • Flexible scheduling for cause minimal disruption


What is the difference between office refurbishment vs office fit-out?

They are often used interchangeably; however, they do have some fundamental differences. Office refurbishment improves existing office space, while office fit-out involves transforming empty spaces into fully functional offices with interior design and facilities integration.

Office refurbishment refers to the process of renovating an existing office interior or exterior space without making any major structural changes. The aim of the process is to give it a second lease of life. Examples of work would include refurbishing carpets, repainting interior and exterior walls, making changes to the current furniture layout, and updating light fixtures. On the other hand, office fit-out refers to the process of designing and decorating a new or empty office interior space. This includes everything from electrical and data mapping to installing custom furniture pieces.
Here at Marshels, we have been providing office refurbishment services to commercial properties for over 35 years.

Is it worth getting a painter and decorator?

Hiring a professional painter and decorator can save you time, reduce stress, and potentially save you money in the long run. Our team has the necessary tools, experience, and materials to provide a high-quality finish to your project.

Discover a range of additional benefits that our professional painters and decorators can offer you.

What colour should I paint my office?

It really depends on the environment you’re looking to create and the space you have available. We often recommend choosing three colours to form your office’s new colour palette, as it gives your refurbishment project a sense of direction. Your company’s branding palette is usually a good starting point for your commercial project.

If you have a smaller workspace, we recommend using whites or neutral colours to reflect the natural light and create a brighter space.

For further advice on colour palettes, please reach out to us, and our experienced office painters will be able to provide you with additional support.

How long does an office refurbishment take?

There are a number of factors which can impact the duration of your project. Therefore it is hard for us to estimate your project length without knowing the size of the project, scope of work and your budget.

Get in touch with us today and we will chat through your project requirements and what will be involved. Once our decorators have reviewed your office space, we will be able to give you a free no-obligation quote, with accurate estimates on timeframes.

On average, office refurbishments can take anything from a few days to few months depending on project size and needs.

What are some commercial refurbishment trends?

Over the last five years, we have witnessed a drastic shift in work culture, with hybrid and fully remote working becoming more common. As a result, many businesses are looking to upgrade their office spaces to be more flexible and enticing for employees to return.

Here are three of the top trends for office refurbishments that we highly recommend considering for your project:

  • Creating Collaborative Spaces: Office spaces are now primarily utilised for flexible collaborative work, as the demand for open-plan offices has increased. The adoption of hot-desking approaches and the use of breakout spaces such as quiet zones, social spaces, and brainstorming areas are becoming more prevalent. These spaces encourage collaboration and communication among employees, and incorporating iconic design elements like exposed bricks and pipes, large and bright windows, a blend of wood and metal, and ample ceiling lights can strike the ideal balance between functionality, well-being, and style.
  • Considering Industrial-style Interiors: The industrial style and open space designs complement each other, fostering an environment that naturally encourages collaboration and communication. Elements such as exposed bricks and pipes, large windows that let in plenty of natural light, a mix of wood and metal, and prominent ceiling lights can create a unique and inspiring workspace. The combination of these elements can enhance both functionality and aesthetics.
  • Making Sustainable Design Choices: While not necessarily a new trend in commercial refurbishment, sustainability continues to be a significant consideration. Many businesses are eager to make more ethical choices, and an office refurbishment is an excellent place to start. This may involve opting for local materials, selecting recycled paints and wallpapers, and incorporating eco-friendly features. If you would like more guidance on sustainable design choices, our decorators can provide expert advice.

Visit our blog for more inspiration and ideas on how to align your office space with the top trends in commercial refurbishment for 2023.

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