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Painting and Decorating to sell your home: How to do it right

The modern housing market can be unpredictable and extremely competitive, so what can UK homeowners do to make their properties more attractive to potential buyers? Here we look at just a few of the ways that a professional painting and decorating service can improve the internal appeal of a property, helping to sell your home and even add to the market value of the property.

Freshen Up

Home buyers are often attracted to properties that are bright, fresh and appear to need as little initial decorative work as possible. Painting and wall-papering offers a great opportunity to present a home at its very best, helping a property to appear cleaner, brighter and more liveable for would-be buyers.

Keep it neutral

neutral colours

When viewing a property it is important for a potential buyer to be able to visualise how a home would appear with their own decoration, furniture and styles in place. To allow this it is advisable that a very neutral colour scheme is implemented, providing a blank canvas for viewers to enjoy.

Maintain high standards

Potential home buyers will look at the quality of decoration in a home as an indication of how much work they will need to perform themselves. Hiring a professional painting and decorating firm will help to offer the kind of high-class finish that will be very attractive to potential buyers.

Improve fixtures and fittings

painting and decorating

From skirting boards and frames to door and window installations, it’s important to make sure that all fixtures and fittings are in good condition and look well looked after. This gives a potential buyer peace of mind that the property has been well maintained by the current owners and is in good nick.

Get in touch

At Marshels we offer a comprehensive decorating and renovation service for residential properties, specialising in interior and exterior works in Surrey, Kent, London and the surrounding areas.

If you feel home improvements can help to sell your home in 2018, please call our friendly team on 01252 377714 to find out how we can help.

Successful summer projects with the National Trust

The team at Marshels are delighted to have worked extensively with our partners at The National Trust during the summer of 2017.

National Trust summer projects

Founded in 1895, ‘The Trust’ is a conservation organisation that covers England, Wales and Northern Ireland, enjoying the highest membership levels of any establishment in the United Kingdom.

As part of a long-running association, Marshels have worked with The Trust on a wide variety of properties located in the south of England this summer:

  • The main house at ‘The Knole’ in Sevenoaks in West Kent
  • The main house elevation at Polesden Lacey in Surrey
  • Houses and cottages at the Harwoods Estate in Surrey
  • Works on The Lodge at Hatchlands Park, near Guildford, Surrey
  • Surrounding houses and cottages at Box Hill, North Downs
  • Surrounding houses and cottages at Netley Park, North Downs

As the primary contractor for external works at each of these properties, our team have carried out all aspects of the painting and decorating requirements, with each project benefiting from a careful approach to the preservation and heritage of these locations.

In addition we have overlooked and performed all of the technical works required, including the joinery, roofing, rainwater goods, glazing works and repairs that were required at each site.

As with all of our established clients, we enjoy a great relationship with The National Trust and have worked at a large number of their properties in the past, forming an assured long-term partnership.

About us

Founded 1991, Marshels is a well-established and respected company with over 25 years’ experience in the industry, currently employing more than 30 skilled painters and decorators to ensure consistently high standards of quality and professionalism in all of our work.

If you require domestic or specialist decorative work on your property, either internally or externally, please get in touch with our friendly team at Marshels Painting and Decorators, serving Surrey, Kent, London and the surrounding areas.

Top Five Questions to Ask Your Painters and Decorators

Drafting in professional painters and decorators can help lighten the load of a home improvement project and frees up more time and energy for you to spend on the other elements, like soft furnishings and layouts.

While getting someone in to do the work might seem like a straightforward task, there are several things you should ask the tradespeople before they are hired for the job.

painters and decorators

At Marshels, we’ve come up with the top five questions you should ask:

  1. What is your industry experience?

You need to know whether your painter and decorator has had training in his or her trade, or whether they’ve just labelled themselves a professional without having any industry background. Someone who knows what they are doing will have had the correct training in preparation and application – and will leave a smooth, expert finish. Someone that is trying to swing the lead may slap on the paint without any preparation, leaving a sloppy and unprofessional finish and a disappointed customer.

  1. What insurance do you have?

When a painter and decorator is in the process of making your interior design dreams come true, it’s easy to assume that they’ll not make any mistakes or have any accidents. But as they’re human, and accidents happen, you’ll want the peace of mind to know that they have public liability insurance. This ensures that if there is a mishap, such as paint spilt on a carpet or laptop, then your decorator can claim on his or her insurance and pay to get the problem fixed.

  1. How long do you estimate the project will take?

While most painters and decorators will try and make the process as smooth as possible, you’ll probably want to know how long the job will take. This will allow you to plan when and where you’ll move furniture, and how long certain areas of your home will be out of action.

  1. Do you have any examples of previous projects?

It’s always worth asking whether a decorator has images and testimonials from previous jobs as they’ll allow you to see what they’re capable of. They could even give you ideas for your own decorating mission, sparking ideas on colour and style.

  1.  Can you get materials for me?

Tradespeople can often get access to the best decorating materials on the market at a fraction of the price, so it’s always worth asking whether they can get things like paint and wallpaper for you.

If you’re ready to transform your home, why not call us today on: 01252 377714. We can answer all your questions, make the decorating process as stress-free as possible and save you money in the process.

Keeping Your Commercial Building Fresh with Decorations

Making sure your commercial building is attractive, fresh and well decorated is essential in giving off a positive and inviting business vibe that makes people want to engage with your business.

To illustrate, it’s no good investing money on the inside of your shop, for the outside to have flaky paint, signs falling down and smashed windows, which can all turn potential customers off. They wouldn’t see the funky furniture you’ve invested in, because the chances are they’d be so put off that they wouldn’t even come in at all.

So why else does your commercial building need to look good?

Impress potential clients

commercial building decorating
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Does the exterior or interior of your office need a lick of paint? Is the ‘once was white’ now a dirty shade of brown? Does the guttering need fixing? Signs remaking? Much in the same way that people judge another person in a matter of seconds, it can also ring true for a company’s building. Refreshing its appearance can give the right impression and make people feel confident in investing in you and your businesses services, increasing your bottom line.

Take care of historical buildings

exterior decoration
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When you’re tasked with taking care of historical buildings, you may have a list of maintenance tasks as long as your arm. One of the things that should be on that list is preserving the walls with a painting and decorating programme that keeps them looking fresh and well looked after – both inside and out.

Instil confidence and reduce infection

anti-bacterial paint commercial building
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A clean looking commercial building can inspire confidence and give an air of cleanliness that may not be possible with dirty, run down walls. One of the areas where this is most important is in hospitals and medical settings, where people want to be reassured that hygiene and sterility is high on the agenda.

Bearing this in mind, at Marshels we work with healthcare providers across Hampshire and surrounding areas and aim to further reduce the risk of infection by using special anti-bacterial paint, which has been used within healthcare settings for a number of years to protect against the spread of superbugs like MRSA.

Increase productivity

commercial interior decoration
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Making sure that your employee’s working environment is fresh and uplifting can make them feel happier and increase productivity. On the contrary, offering a dark, gloomy and run down office can negatively impact an employee’s state of mind and productivity levels, making them suffer and damaging your profits.

Decorating a commercial building can be a huge challenge, especially if a company isn’t sure what it needs to project the impression they’d desire. At Marshels, we can help to take that stress away. Call us today to see how we can help with your commercial decorating needs.


Top Reasons to Hire a Professional Decorator

We’ve all been there, browsing the shelves in the local DIY shop, excitedly thumbing through paint swatches and tearing off strips of wallpaper. Although it can be tempting to decorate your home yourself, getting in a professional decorator can mean more than just straight edges.

Here, we look at the top benefits of hiring skilled painters and decorators, rather than doing the decorating yourself:

Reduce the risk of costly mistakes

Not only will you save money on buying decorating equipment like rollers and paint trays, hiring a professional reduces the risk of you making costly mistakes. From spoiled wallpaper to wonky edges, we’ve been drafted in to put right many DIY disasters. By hiring a professional, you get it right from the get go and save vital funds.

A professional finish helps to sell your home

If you were an accountant, you wouldn’t necessarily have a go at installing your own bathroom, would you? Decorating is no different – to achieve a professional and seamless finish, which can increase the value of your home, hiring a professional is your best option.

Save money on materials

Although going to choose paints and paper can be fun, your painter and decorator can probably get the same, or better materials at a much cheaper rate. Before you go and spend lots of money on supplies, speak to a skilled decorator who will probably be able to get things for you at a much better price.

Trade contacts

Quite often, when you start a home improvement project, you find that other jobs crop up, such as plastering or carpentry. A decorator can put you in touch with trusted tradespeople, reducing the risk of the unknown.

A professional decorator will have a trained eye

Often, people find it frustrating when they can’t find the best decorating solutions for their home and spend lots of money on trying out different things. Professional decorators are dab hands at advising you on what will work and what won’t, which can help you get it right first time.

It saves you time

Painting and decorating takes up time, and most of us only have the evenings and weekends free in which to do it. Getting someone in saves you time and valuable energy, so you can focus on the fun things in life.

If you are looking for an interior painting and decorating service in or around Hampshire, contact us now on: 01252 377714 and we will be happy to provide a no obligation estimate. All of our tradesmen are CRB checked and will work with you to make the decorating process as stress free and seamless as possible.

Expert Painting, Decorating and Refurbishing for All Your Needs

Whether your home or working premises needs a touch up to keep it looking impeccable, or you are planning on transforming it inside and out, the team at Marshels are here to help. We have over 30 highly skilled and experienced painters and decorators, who carry out a range of quality painting, decorating and refurbishing works on homes and businesses throughout Surrey and beyond.

painting and decorating and refurbishment

Our services include all interior and exterior decorations and refurbishments, specialist painting works and roofing. In everything we do, we have a commitment to working to the highest standards and adhering to the Safe Contractor policy at all times. Our strict code of practice guarantees that our team are always:

  • Clean and tidy
  • Uniformed
  • Polite and friendly
  • CRB checked

For any job of any size, whether domestic or commercial, you can rely on Marshels to provide an expert service with as little disruption to you as possible.

Interior decoration

We carry out all interior painting, from windows and doors, to walls, ceilings and skirtings. Our range of interior decorative services also includes wall paper hanging, high quality finishing and special coatings necessary for certain interiors such as fire retardant paint, anti-bacterial paint and hard wearing coatings.

Exterior decoration

As the first thing that people will see, an attractive exterior makes for the best first impressions of you and the value of your home or business. Marshels specialises in excellent exterior painting and decoration to uplift and improve the appearance of your property. We also carry out a pre-paint repair service, which includes glazing and replacement windows and doors, carpentry, splice repairs brick work pointing and rainwater goods refurbishment.

We are a member of the Dulux contract partner scheme, and offer a free specification and certification service for domestic customers. For commercial properties we can also supply a maintenance service to keep your business looking in top form on a continuing basis.

Interior refurbishment

If you’re looking for an interior overhaul, our skilled team provide a variety of high quality finishing and refurbishment services on houses, offices, shops, restaurants, schools and warehouses. From plastering and plumbing to a complete kitchen and bathroom re-fit, check out our comprehensive interior refurbishment services on our website.

Exterior refurbishment

Our exterior refurbishment works will ensure that your property is professionally maintained for a long-lasting performance and appeal. Alongside our pre-paint repair services we will also refurbish chimneys and carry out all roofing requirements, fascias, soffits and bargeboard replacement, re-puttying, fencing and driveway works.

Specialist Services

As our experience and skill over the years has developed, we are now able to provide specialist painting and decorating services as the finishing touches to your interior and exterior design projects. Our specialist services for both residential and commercial customers include gilding, spray painting, wall paper hanging, anti-graffiti coating and special effects. These specialised works and can help to protect and prolong the life of any of your decorated surfaces.

Whatever the service you need, the experts at Marshels are ready to complete decorating and refurbishing works to your exact specifications. To speak to us about your upcoming project, or for a no obligation free quotation, simply give us a call on 01252 377714 and see how we can help make your property look amazing.